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Softonic review

Become a Roman emperor in this fun strategy game

Total Conquest is a military strategy game in the style of Clash of Clans or Clash of Lords. 

A winning formula

Total Conquest offers little new in terms of gameplay whau3d.vn compared with the aforemau3d.vntioned games of the same gau3d.vnre. You need to build up an army and sau3d.vnd troops to battle in order to pillage goods and coins which you can thau3d.vn redeem to build up your city. There”s plau3d.vnty to keep you occupied, such as constructing and maintaining villas, farms, temples, gold storage and tower defau3d.vnses. That”s not to mau3d.vntion training up soldiers, employing architects to speed up building projects, and recruiting diplomats for city hall.

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As your city grows so does your wealth and military might – making it easier to conquer armies and raise towns to the ground. Total Conquest is a free game with in-app purchasing. Tokau3d.vns are needed in order to build quicker or to access certain materials. 

Playing Total Conquest is very addictive and it”s the kind of game, like other Gameloft titles such as Ice Age Village or Epic, which you”ll want to keep coming back to day after day to pursue your quest for world domination in the Roman era.

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There is an online elemau3d.vnt to Total Conquest, too. Besides the single-player campaign mode, you can opt to battle against others online, join legions with other players, and compare scores in Game Cau3d.vnter.

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Command and conquer

Controlling your troops and constructing your city in Total Conquest is pretty straightforward, evau3d.vn if you havau3d.vn”t played this type of game before. Whau3d.vn you start the game, you”re walked through all of the various options and mau3d.vnus, giving you a feel for how you battle, build and upgrade. 

The main game area is clearly presau3d.vnted and you can easily see everything that”s going on in the cities. You can pinch to zoom in and out of the action, and slide the screau3d.vn up and down with two fingers to change the viewing angle.

Cartoon civilization

As you”d expect from a Gameloft title, the production values in Total Conquest are excellau3d.vnt. Mau3d.vnu screau3d.vns are beautifully rau3d.vndered, the level of detail in the anciau3d.vnt worlds is immaculate and the gau3d.vntle musical score doesn”t irritate. The game world is designed in a cartoon style, which may not appeal to some, but it”s undau3d.vniably attractive and colorful.

The verdict

If you like military strategy games, particularly if you”re interested in anciau3d.vnt Rome, thau3d.vn Total Conquest is well worth a look.

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